Born in Coimbra, Rita Castanheira is a Portuguese artist based in London. She graduated from University of Porto in 2018 and is currently finishing her master’s degree in fine art at Chelsea College of Arts. Her research focuses on the body’s relationship with technology through video and performance. She is interested in how digital devices and popular internet culture are shaping our identities.

Recently curated Finding a Click in a Haystack exhibition in Porto, Portugal. The show took place at Cedofeita’s Shopping Mall and brought together 22 upcoming artists from Portugal, China, Pakistan, USA and UK. The works ranged from installation and video to photography and painting.

Rita is also a member of the Wasteland collective. Previous installation topics include fake recycling, coral bleaching, sensationalism in urban life, contemporary spirituality, the destructiveness of progress in modern society, and other environmental issues. 

She has exhibited in London in galleries such as Wells Projects and HARTslane, and performed at Solar Art Gallery, in Vila Nova do Conde, as well as at the Old Biscuit Factory, in London.




_Supernatural // Wells Projects, London;
_Wasteland 2.0: Fake Recicling //Collaborative installation , HARTslane, London;
_Finding a Click in a Haystack // Centro Comercial de Cedofeita, Porto (Portugal);
_MA Degree Show // Chelsea College of Arts, London;
_Too Much World // The Cookhouse Gallery, London;
_Factory Art Education // Chelsea College of Arts, London;
_Cookies+Coke // Old Biscuit Factory, London;
_Vomiting Hearts presents Situation Internet, Online exhibition;
_En Route, Travelling group performance, London;
_Wasteland // Filet, London; 
_One Night Stand // Coco’s Room, Wimbledon College of Arts, London;
_Thirst Fursday, // The Cookhouse Gallery, London;
_Wicked Game // Chelsea College of Arts, London.



_Spectacular Sensation, Medicine Gallery, The Five Bells, London;
_O Cristóvão ficou com o lombo (“Cristóvão got the loin”), Cedofeita’s Shopping Center, Porto (Portugal);
_D’Après, group exhibition of prints in situ, University of Porto (Portugal);
_Nobody’s Land: from engraving besieged to engraving in situ, Engraving workshop at Escola de Artes e Ofícios, Ovar (Pure Print Porto) (Portugal);
_Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, Final degree exhibition, oMuseu (FBAUP), Porto (Portugal).



_Time-Lapse, Solar Art Gallery, Vila do Conde (Portugal);
_Montagem, Street Duque de Saldanha, Porto (Portugal);
_SIM, Cace Cultural, Porto (Portugal).


_Imagens do Corpo Interior,oMuseu (FBAUP), Porto (Portugal).