WASTELAND was a collaborative installation exhibition featuring emerging artists Ka Ian Hoi, Rita Castanheira, Pui Pui Ip, Lelia Byron, Xiao Jing Li and Yao Yao YU.

The artists respond to the sensationalism in urban life, contemporary spirituality, environmental issues and the destructiveness of progress in modern society. The participating artists explore the possibilities to consciously engage in society, with an effort not to become the object of others' engagements.

After the storm, she arose from the digital debris dressed in plastic webs which covered the sand on her feet.

webswebswebs was made by using a hot glue gun to create 3D drawings of spider webs. It juxtaposed the artificial plastic webs to natural elements such as tree branches and white sand. The work was inspired by dystopian and post-apocalyptic concepts in the context of waste. The aim was to create an analogy between spider webs and digital networks.